ADC Virtual

The Australian Disputes Centre is here to help you with reliable, secure and easy to use online ‘rooms’ through ADC Virtual; a specialist Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform.

The new and convenient ‘all-in-one’ platform provides innovative virtual rooms in which parties can conveniently meet with a mediator, arbitrator or directly in settlement conferences. Parties can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of collaborating together from work or home, in secure, private mediation and arbitration ‘rooms’ for each party and for joint sessions.

ADC Virtual allows the parties to videoconference, write messages and securely share documents with each other. Parties can leave audio and video messages for each other. Mediators and arbitrators have the flexibility of documenting issues and resolutions on the platform, as well as access to integrated invoicing and scheduling tools.

 The Benefits of ADC’s ‘Virtual’ Concierge Service

As part of any ADC Virtual package, ADC provides not only a safe and neutral space, but it also assists the parties with a helpful Concierge Service for seamless ‘on-boarding’ on to the system. If attendees have not used ADC Virtual previously, it can be helpful to access ADC’s:

  • Support in providing instructions to help get set up on the system.
  • Testing all attendees’ device compatibility beforehand.
  • Scheduling of familiarisation sessions with the parties beforehand.

ADC’s Concierge Service is designed to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the parties’ mediation, arbitration or settlement conference.

Not all platforms are created equal!

It’s important to understand that standard video conferencing software e.g. Zoom and Skype, are not made to facilitate online mediations. If your goal is to provide a secure and professional service and leave a lasting impression on your clients, then you need to show that you are providing the best possible experience. It does not matter how good you are as a representative or a mediator if your tools let you down.

So how does the ADC’S NEW state of the art Online Dispute Resolution service compare?


We know that your client’s confidentiality is one of your top priorities, with ADC Virtuals secure document sharing and safe connections you’ll be able to set your client’s mind at ease knowing that their information is being protected.

Make a Booking

Whether you’re accessing ADC Virtual from work or home, you will find it easy to connect to ADC Virtual from anywhere.  aking a booking on ADC Virtual is also easy: