Case Management Overview

ADC’s Case Management Service provides you with a panel of reputable and experienced ADR practitioners for the parties’ consideration. ADC will confirm that the panel provided is available and has no conflict of interest with the parties, and will provide copies of their CVs and information on fee structures, in order to assist the parties in selecting an appropriate and independent ADR practitioner. If the parties cannot agree on the practitioner then ADC will make the appointment, taking into consideration the information provided to it by the parties, avoiding any deadlock in proceedings.

Once an appointment is made, the ADR practitioner appointed liaises directly with the parties to make appropriate arrangements for the proceedings. ADC provides ongoing assistance, including the provision of a managed trust account service.

What you provide:

If you have a dispute that requires ADC’s Case Management Service, you will need to notify ADC in writing with:

• A Notice of Dispute and a brief statement of key facts and issues (there is no form of Notice required, however it must be clear on the face of the document that it is a notification of a dispute);
• A copy of the dispute resolution clause and/or agreement of the parties to refer the matter to ADC for case administration;*
• Payment of the $1,100 (including GST) non-refundable case registration fee. In the main this is split between the parties. It is open to one party to pay the full registration fee in order to move the matter forward.
• In the course of proceedings, ADC will also request that the parties lodge a security deposit for the neutral’s estimated fees.

On receiving relevant details from the parties and upon full payment of the ADC registration fee, ADC will examine the key facts and issues together with the parties’ agreement and provide the parties with a panel of suitable potential ADR practitioners for consideration. For a detailed summary of the steps undertaken in accordance with the ADC Guidelines and Rules, please download the relevant factsheet:

ADC Mediation Conciliation Process
ADC Domestic Arbitration Process
ADC Expert Determination Process

The relevant set of Guidelines or Rules applicable to a particular ADR process may also be downloaded for a full explanation of the relevant requirements for that process. (If you are trying to download Guidelines in Google Chrome and experiencing problems please try a different browser. If the problem continues please contact us)

* Do you have ‘ACDC’ named in your contract?

The Australian Commercial Disputes Centre (ACDC), is a prior registered name of ADC. If ACDC is referenced in your contract, ADC remains the organisation to which your dispute is referred.

Contact Us

All requests for case management should be directed as follows:

Australian Disputes Centre
Level 16, 1 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Attn: Dispute Resolution Manager