Reflection: The Mediation Process

At a first glance, the mediation process appeared to a third year law student as an informal and unstructured “quick-fix” to reach a compromise in legal disputes where the rigidity of the court procedure is unable to provide a tangible (or affordable resolution). However, a day of role-playing and brainstorming around the alternative avenues of resolving conflict offered by the mediation process swiftly dissolved this simplistic interpretation. Instead, as a student half-way through her law degree at UNSW, I was [...]

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Remembering David Newton

  To those that knew David professionally, he was a quiet achiever who genuinely and wholeheartedly believed in the mediation process. He was happy to simply focus on doing quality work. He was considered and detailed, and he showed himself to be highly competent in addressing complex legal issues and in designing creative dispute resolution processes. He had the respect of his colleagues both in Australia and across the globe. David was one of Australia’s pioneer commercial mediators. In 1986 [...]

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Australian ADR Benefit Ball – Sydney

Guests at the ADR Benefit Ball celebrated the contribution of Sir Laurence Street to the development of ADR in Australia and the Asia-Pacific. As the Hon. Justice Terry Sheahan noted by video on the evening, Sir Laurence was instrumental in establishing ADC (formally the Australian Commercial Disputes Centre) as the first independent ADR organisation in Australia and we proudly honored his contribution with a special music tribute.    

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Stephen Wright speaks about ADC’s ATSI Scholarship Program

It was my pleasure in May 2014 to participate in the launch of the ADC’s ATSI scholarship program and to have been invited to recommend Aboriginal people from with the Aboriginal Land Council network in NSW to participate in the program. To date eight Aboriginal Land Council representatives have undertaken or are undertaking mediation training with the ADC through the ATSI scholarship program. All those who have participated have expressed the revelation, common to all who engage with the power of mediation and other forms [...]

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International Arbitration Charity Ball – London

International law firms, arbitrators and guests from across London city and the globe stepped out in masked style on 8 September 2016 for the bi-annual International Arbitration Charity Ball. A major event on the City’s legal calendar, the Ball has become an important fund-raiser for Save the Children and a must-be-there networking event for the international arbitration community.  

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Insights on China – Australia trade issues

China is Australia's largest trading partner, buying AUD$90 billion of Australian exports in 2014-15. Given the significance of the Chinese market and the increase in China-Australia transactions, it is essential to be aware of ways to mitigate risk in your China-related transactions and more importantly, what to do in the event of a dispute. Edwina Kwan, Senior Associate, King & Wood Mallesons, offers valuable insights from her seven years spent on the ground as a commercial disputes lawyer in China. [...]

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Chinese companies in Sydney focus on ADR

In conjunction with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), the Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (ACICA) and law firm King & Wood Mallesons (KWM), ADC recently hosted an ADR seminar for Chinese connected companies and lawyers. This is the first seminar presented to the Chinese business community relating to alternative dispute resolution. Increased trade between Australia and China not only provides greater opportunities to both countries, increased trade necessarily means creates more disputes across borders. [...]

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ATSI Mediator of the Year

Mr Maratja Dhamarrandji, from Darwin was the winner of the inaugural ATSI Mediator of the Year award. Mr Dhamarrandji has worked tirelessly for the past 10 years contributing to the field of cross-cultural mediation. His excellence both as a practitioner and interpreter enables him to play an important role in linking the systems of contemporary and traditional cultures as they seek mediation pathways to resolve conflict.  He demonstrates through his actions what it means to be a mediator with humility, [...]

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Australian ADR Awards 2016

In keeping with Australia’s position as a leader in the global Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) industry, the Australian Disputes Centre (ADC) held its inaugural ADR Benefit Ball & Australian ADR Awards Night on 13 August 2016. Aligning with ADC’s 30 year commitment to the advancement and promotion of best practice in ADR, the event was Australia’s first opportunity to independently recognise excellence across the ADR profession. Find out the Winners for 2016! The Australian ADR Awards night represented a coming [...]

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NSW Land claims backlog hits more than 29,000

By Marina Kofman and Anni Gao The relationship between Land Rights and Native Title is legally complex and the volume of Land Rights Claims is significant. To help us understand what is happening in this space, ADC invited three of Australia’s leading specialists in the field to discuss the legal frameworks underpinning Aboriginal land rights claims, the unique issues experienced and what ADR can offer.  Helen Shurven, Member, National Native Title Tribunal, Steven Wright, Registrar, Aboriginal Land Rights Act, and Tony McAvoy, [...]

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    Essential Accreditation/s for today’s Mediators  ADC’s ‘Online Mediation Accreditation’ Industry Approved Pathway to Australian National Mediation Accreditation (NMAS) Internationally Approved by the Chartered Institute of…

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    Have you ever thought ‘I could have managed that conflict situation better’? Or even better still, avoided it before it began! Conflict can occur in any contractual and personal…

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