Conflict Resolution & ADR, One-Day Course

“The Australian Disputes Centre’s Conflict Resolution Training is a one-day training course providing participants with both theory and practice on effectively managing conflicts.  

The trainer’s interpersonal skills, energy, and expertise in the field ensure that the participants walk away with a lot of new information and abilities. Indeed, the workshop strikes a great balance between theoretical parts and hands-on exercises, including group discussions and role plays, which help to fully assimilate the new concepts. The trainer’s profound understanding of the way the human brain functions allows her to structure the course in a way that keeps the energy and focus levels of the participants on an optimal learning level throughout the day.

Personally, the training helped me become more aware of my communication style, the way I tend to resolve issues, as well as how I react to situations of stress or confrontation. It also equipped me with a toolkit of useful skills, such as identifying other people’s communication and thinking styles, or the importance of active listening. One of the biggest advantages of the course is definitely the fact that it can be applied in real life as soon as one walks out of the teaching room – be it in one’s personal relationships or workplace. I would definitely encourage people to attend, as there is a lot to be learnt in exchange for a relatively short amount of your time!”

— Elisabeth , participant (Sept 2018)


Mediation Training – Five Day Course

I was very impressed with the level of training and the facilities offered by the Australian Disputes Centre when I undertook a their five day mediators’ course and one day certification course. The training was exhausting, because it was practical and hands on for the full six days. I had been considering doing a mediation course as part of my post graduate work at university, but the calibre of the other participants, highly skilled professionals in their own fields, and the high level of professionalism and industry knowledge of the providers, gave me, I believe, a much better qualification than anything I could have achieved at university. I highly recommend the Australian Disputes Centre’s mediation training.

— Tracey, participant (September 2019)

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the training delivered by experts this week. The lessons and role plays were all so relevant and apt and provided comprehensive learning that unfolded at an appropriate pace for the individual participants who came from such a diverse range of professional backgrounds. Your ADC training is truly a high quality product and I congratulate you on the rigour and robustness of the learning provided. Thank you! I highly and unreservedly recommend this training.”

— Gillian, participant (June 2018)