Media Release
12 August 2019


The Australian ADR Awards recognise and celebrate the positive impact of Alternative Dispute Resolution professionals on the lives, and in the business success, of people who are in dispute.

ADR processes continue to flourish in all sectors of Australian society, from family dispute resolution mediations to international commercial arbitrations. “ADR was once the alternative route for Australians in disputes, but over the past several decades it has shifted to become mainstream,” says the Australian Disputes Centre’s CEO Deborah Lockhart. “This is highlighted in our Supreme Court lists, where we now see well over 80% of matters being resolved through ADR processes, rather than going to a contested hearing.”

As well as being more cost-effective than litigation, ADR respects the concepts of flexibility, privacy, creativity and, for mediations, the parties making their own decisions to reclaim control of their dispute. To be effective, ADR processes require highly skilled professionals, and Australian-based practitioners have built their significant expertise over many years.

Some of our most talented award winners in 2019 are changing the nature of how the law delivers, both domestically and internationally. For example, Young ADR Practitioner of the Year, Mr Luke Carbon from global law firm Ashurst, represents the progressive role that ADR plays in minimising the adverse impacts of disputes when delivering complex, multi-national projects. “Indicative of the standing that Australia’s ADR practitioners have internationally, we note that Ashurst has recently transferred Mr Carbon from their Sydney office, to bring his expertise to London,” says Ms Lockhart.

The Honourable Chief Justice Thomas Bathurst AC, and Lieutenant Governor of New South Wales, presented the ADR Awards at a ceremony and gala dinner held at the Australian Golf Club on 9 August.

Of particular significance in 2019, the Australian ADR Awards launched its Hall of Fame, to recognise and celebrate all-round excellence in the field. The inaugural recipient inducted into the ADR Hall of Fame was eminent NSW Barrister, Mrs Mary Walker.

See the full list of ADR Awards categories and winners for 2019 here.

For further information and inquiries contact: Deborah Lockhart, CEO Australian Disputes Centre t. (+61) 2 9239 0700 e.